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Chinese men arrested for ‘selling Pakistani women after marrying them’

May 6, 2019
Chinese men arrested for ‘selling Pakistani women after marrying them’

Eight Chinese men were arrested on Monday on charges of marrying Pakistani women and then forcing them into prostitution. 

They were arrested from a house in a private society in Lahore. They were all said to be part of the same group.

The FIA Lahore said that they were a part of a gang which comprised three men and a woman from Pakistan too.

The FIA said that further investigation is under way.

One of the victim’s spoke with SAMAA TV and advised young women not to marry Chinese men.

She said that she went to the wedding of a relative where a Chinese man saw her. “He got my number from our relatives. They called us and came home to see me,” she said. “He came to see me with three other men.”

The woman was told that this man was good for her if she wants to support her family.

“They told us that he [her husband Song Guoqiang] had some problem in his knee and I said I have no problem with it,” the woman said. “They lied to us… half of his body was paralysed.”

I was mentally tortured, she said. “After a few days, I came to know that he wasn’t a Christian.”

The woman said that there were more girls with her and one of them was told to do indecent acts.

“There was a girl… she told me that another Chinese man told her he would take her to a club,” she said, adding that he told her “you will get so much money there… you will do what my friends ask you to do.”

She claimed that these Chinese men sell children. “They have us eat medicine for pregnancy… they sell children.”

Saleem Iqbal, the applicant, told SAMAA TV that the women were made to believe that “the [Chinese] man was rich and they will do business here and work on CPEC.”

“They were shown greener pastures and deceived.”

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    Waseem Butt   May 9, 2019 9:55 pm/ Reply

    Think twice before trusting chinese people.

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