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Education minister suspends principal during visit to Lyari exam centre

The principal had taken unauthorised leave

SAMAA | - Posted: Apr 1, 2019 | Last Updated: 2 years ago
Posted: Apr 1, 2019 | Last Updated: 2 years ago

During his visit to Matric examination centres in Karachi's Lyari on Monday, Sindh Education Minister Sardar Ali Shah found that all was not well.

He was accompanied by MPA Syed Abdul Rasheed  and visited two examination centres in surprise visits. At one centre, he found that students had changed their exam centres themselves and were sitting at their preferred centres instead.

At another school he found that the principal was not there and had gone on leave without seeking permission first.

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Shah immediately suspended the principal and warned all principals and teachers at schools that had been designated as exam centres that they could not take leave while exams are being held.

Matric examinations across the province began on April 1 after several delays.

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  1. Sadia kazmi  April 1, 2019 8:50 pm/ Reply

    Sardar Ali Shah has announced that music casses will be made compulsory in schools in sindh. Sardar Ali Shah has no right to change Muslim’s views. Because music is not allowed In our religion. Music culture has no space in Islam. Don’t change environment of schools in sindh by bringing music. Don’t try to follow European culture and traditions.

  2. Ahmed Sheikh  April 2, 2019 11:37 am/ Reply

    This will never solve the deep rooted”bootty” culture. There is very deep rooted corruption cultivated by his minister’s party in all over Sindh and when his party was in federal govts in the past and all other parties( mainly PMLN) has done the same.

    First of all these Pakistani childrens’ livies are hell in the name of so called English medium way of so called education in every corner of this country. Even a prep student has a bag to carry with all books in English where as its parent can’t read, write, and speak English and nor can that child.

    After that so called English medium Schooll, where very much incompetent teachers( with high School certificates and FA certificates educated from the same fake and deceptive so called education system are gone through) you don’t expect these children learn anything g, but come home confused and complaining teachers bad mouthing and beating children.

    After Schools, the poor helpless children are sent to, again, extremely incompetent people, for tuitions for two hours. Children come home by 7 PM. No time for playing physically or having fun as a 3 year old and above.

    This English medium system is for the countries, where their Primary and the only language is ENGLISH. Pakistan has a complete and beautiful national language of URDU, which had been a way of education till 1970s, I believe. I am not against English medium system for elites. They can educate their children in abroad. Their children become Ministets. Businessmen or businesswomen, take over key positions in the country, and run the country. I have problems with this kind of system, where the rich and very influential people run the country and I have great arguement about it. However, back to education system.

    The best way is to revamp Govt educational institutions entirely and start with only Urdu medium . English should start only as one subject and from first grade from a little Qaida of A. B, C, …

    The English should go on upto 10th grade only as one subject and the rest MUST stay as all in Urdu. In Colleges and Universities it should continue on with the same practice. Engineering, premed, computer sciences, and very needed subject depending on English can be imposed in English language.

    Takhtis and slates should start from Class first till class 4th in all the govt Schools allover the country. It will be a greatest help to children to improve their handwriting and reduce the paper trash problem in the country cause by the paper. This country is full of trash in each town and city. Also the children can enjoy evening time with parents since there will be not much home work to do. Starting with one Quaida. Which will have Urdu and math only. No books to carry. There must be NO HOMEWORK when the children are off from Schools. Schools should be for Monday to Thrusdays for the children upto 7 years of ago( almost upto the class 2 or 2nd graders). Children efficiency will be much positive and greater.

    The present education system is imposed for one reason. To keep an average child uneducated in the name of English medium. I am educated in Urdu medium Schools and lived in USA and Still live there. I have done in English language much better than American while writing essays because I learnt English grammar in Panjabi( our teacher would speak panjabi while teaching English). Rules of a language can be taught and learnt in any language if someone can teach English.

    Unfortunately, I see University students can not differentiate present tense to present continuous tense. It is not those students’ fault. They have been put through a very deceiving educational system. This is the worst any nation can do with its children what has been done and became the worst now. Each corner of even small village have these so called English medium School. These children can learn more English after getting through their matriculation exams. They can choose English as main Subject and go for masters, M.Ph, or Doctrate degree in English. I said enough.

  3. Yaseen  April 2, 2019 12:07 pm/ Reply

    Who said music is not allowed in Islam? keep your ignorant views to yourself. Prophet Dawood was praised in Quran for his beautiful voice.

  4. Mansoor Ahmed Banglani  April 2, 2019 12:09 pm/ Reply

    Nice move

  5. Binte Hawa  April 2, 2019 2:58 pm/ Reply

    Most of the kids really work hard for their exams.why minister sahb is having a live camera following him in the examination room disturbing the students during papers.looks like he is visiting an amusement park.i would surely like to see the same seen in olevel examination centres they are also conducted in schools affiliated to Sindh board or come under the same government rules.please do allow camera teams in this year’s o and A level examination centres

  6. Anonymous  April 2, 2019 3:15 pm/ Reply

    Prophet Dawood’s God given vocal prowess did not constitute music in the sense musical instruments do.
    Mr. Yaseen you yourself are so ignorant that you even don’t know this.
    Actually persons like you are the one who should learn few things before commenting on any subject.

  7. NTunio  April 2, 2019 7:45 pm/ Reply

    People who do not do anything just be critical on name of religion and do not let others to move forward. I think Minister is right and let him make positive gestures.. others correct your home and keep religion as a personal affair.

  8. M Ali hullio  April 2, 2019 9:20 pm/ Reply

    Ahmed sheikh sb, i love your beautiful techniques/ thoughts may other people support this and forwad this to other people to implment. may Govt change policy for education to implement this neccessary message for our generation

  9. Anonymous  April 3, 2019 9:18 am/ Reply

    Plato devised an educational system for his ideal state. He prescribed music in the syllabus. Music relates to sound, vocal or instrmental, which comes within domain of Physics, a natural science. Music like other fine arts comes to develop aesthetic sense and soft heart. Unseen has rightly referred to profit Dawood. But if it is objected that his case was vocal, what about ‘daff’, a musical instrment played at the time of profit’s (PBUH) arrival at Madina. In addition, mystics in Islam took lavish benefit from music. Today almost all gathering of ‘sufis’ are celebrated with ‘qawwali’. One may note differentiating voccal from instrumental is on account of ignorance. Both have the same nature and are based on tune.

  10. Sikander  April 3, 2019 9:20 am/ Reply

    How many of you will not cheat if given the opportunity? Put your hand on your heart and then think about it. This is about how we have brought up our kids and now they believe it’s the only way out.
    Teach your kids how to be honest by being honest and not by preaching how to be honest. Any questions? NO.

  11. Asad Jiskani  April 3, 2019 10:18 am/ Reply

    No mulah, and Mulana has proved music as sin in Islam. Irrational logics regarding the music is not acceptable, so don’t implement your own fallacious norms in Islam. See Hazrat Dawood, a clear picture of purity who voice was liked by entire universe.

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