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PM Khan promises 3G, 4G services for people of Wana

April 24, 2019

Prime Minister Imran Khan promised the people of Wana that he will speak to the Khyber Paktunkhwa chief minister to bring them 3G and 4G cellular services.

He remarked that he will announce the new demarcations for the merged districts in a week. The premier was addressing a rally in Wana on Wednesday.

Khan said that the government has set up a special fund for merged districts. “All political parties have decided that all provinces will give 3% of their NFC Award to merged districts.” This means that Rs100 billion will be spent on the people in merged districts in a year.

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The PM announced some development projects for Wana too. The government will build two degree colleges, a sports complex, sports grounds at different locations, and a network of roads spreading across 100 kilometres.

“Insaf Sehat cards will be given to everyone,” he said. The people will be given “interest-free loans so they can set up their own businesses.” We want to spend money to uplift the merged districts, he said.

“I didn’t know the difference between KP and merged districts till I started coming here,” said PM Khan. People from other areas have never understood the traditions, history, culture and system of governance.  “I wouldn’t have understood it if I hadn’t come here.”

He said that he had opposed the decision to send armed forces to merged districts. “I said that the people in merged districts are our army.”

Pakistan, now, has a prime minister who understands the pain of people, he said. “Please give me some time. I have been in power for only eight months.”

On opposition parties

Khan lashed out at his political rivals too. He said that the people who claim they have gathered to save the country have a single mission. “They want to force Imran Khan to give them an NRO so that Imran Khan forgives their corruption and money laundering.”

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The country will have no future till such people continue to stay in power. “I have come to hold them accountable.”

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