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Karachi policeman fired the bullet that killed a toddler: report

April 19, 2019

File photo: AFP

The bullet that killed a 19-month-old boy at Karachi’s University Road was fired by a policeman, the forensic report revealed Friday.

The bullet shell, which was found at the crime scene, matched with the policeman’s pistol, the investigators said.

The boy, identified as Ahsan, was shot dead on April 16. The family claimed the bullet was fired by a policeman while they were getting into an auto rickshaw.

“We were in a rickshaw. We saw pistols in the policemen’s hands,” Ahsan’s mother said. “There were two bikes and they were firing at each other.”

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The two policemen, Samad and Amjad, were arrested and shifted to Sacchal police station.

Amjad told SAMAA TV that a man came to them and told them that there were some people on a motorbike and they had a pistol.

The other law enforcer said that they were following the suspects when they entered a crowded road. “I fired a bullet in the air and they shot at us,” he said.

However, the investigators couldn’t find the man, who the arrested policemen claimed, informed them of a weapon-carrying man.

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