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‘Imran Khan’s comment insults women, not just Bilawal’

April 25, 2019
Nafisa Shah wants the premier to apologise

Pakistan Peoples Party MNA Nafisa Shah has called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to apologise to the House for referring to Bilawal Bhutto as ‘sahiba’ [ma’am] during his speech at a rally in Wana on Wednesday.

“I, unlike Bilawal Bhutto sahiba, didn’t come to power because of nepotism. I wasn’t handed over a party because of my mother. I worked my way to the top,” PM Khan had said at the rally.

The PPP MNA warned that if he doesn’t apologise, chants of ‘go Imran, go’ would echo across the country. She was speaking at the National Assembly session on Thursday.

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“Why did he [PM Imran Khan] use the term sahiba?” Shah asked. She said the premier’s comment was not just an insult to PPP or Bilawal, but an insult to women.

“If Imran Khan doesn’t take his words back, I will not call him my prime minister,” she said.

She added that the explanations issued after the premier's remarks were also sad and called a "slip of [the] tongue".

"How many slips of tongue will you have?" she asked.

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    Ayesha   April 26, 2019 7:56 pm/ Reply

    Imran may have had a slip of the tongue. But PPP and PMLN politicians are doing it deliberately.

    Does Bilawal really think that talking about the umpires finger is decent. There could be a double meaning to it here and oddly the PPP ladies were fine about it!

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