Video emerges of Peshawar University official beating up children for ‘bothering’ students

Peshawar University isn’t taking any action after a video of its official beating up beggar children surfaced. 

Gohar Rehman, the deputy director of the administration department, slapped, kicked and hurled abuses at a group of four to five children, all seemingly under the age of 10.

The children used to operate a weighing machine and polish students’ shoes for money. The administration, on the other hand, says they used to pester students for money.

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We barred them from entering the university before too, says the administration. But they didn’t say why their official beat up the children.

In the video, Rehman is seen asking the children to empty their pockets so he can see how much money they have. The children say the officials beat them up but also charge them money to operate their small-scale business on campus.

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