US considers India as its ‘strategic partner’: Shah Mahmood Qureshi

The United States considers India as its strategic partner and not Pakistan, said Foreign MinisterMahmoodahmoon Qureshi. 

The foreign minister was addressing an event in Multan on Sunday. “Whenever something happened, the European Union would point its fingers at Pakistan.”

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In August 2017, the US announced a new policy called South Asian Strategy Policy. They said that they want to give India an enhanced role in Afghanistan. “Pakistan was in the middle of a strategic squeeze.” All efforts were taken to box Pakistan. Everyone wanted to isolate the country. Indian PM Narendra Modi accepted that they took measures to isolate Pakistan, he remarked.

The FATF placed Pakistan on its grey list when the previous government was in power. It accused Pakistan of not fulfilling its obligations to curb terror financing, he said.

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The capability of our institutions was compromised. Many institutions were not able to provide their services to the people of Pakistan, the federal minister added.

Mr Qureshi urged the people to unite in this time of duress. “I am seeing the same passion in our people as I did in 1965,” he said.

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