This 13-year-old Pakistani student just wrote a novel on women’s rights

March 14, 2019

A student of class 8 has written a novel on the rights of women. She is from Multan.

Thirteen-year-old Ayesha Rauf says she has raised her voice to fight for the rights of women. Her dream is to become a successful novelist when she grows up.

Ayesha is a bright student and loves sports, said her father. She has always taken first position in her classes at school, he said.

Her novel, ‘An Experience’, tells the story of a girl struggling in a society where women are not given their due rights. Ayesha writes about the struggles and challenges the girl faces and how she fights society for her rights.

“My daughter wanted to write novels since she was a child,” said Ayesha's father.

The teenager’s family has high hopes for her future. They want her to earn a name for herself in the literary world.

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