Remembering Perween Rahman on her fifth death anniversary

She mapped the more than 2,000 urban villages in Karachi

Perween was a champion for the youth and women of Orangi. photo: Courtesy OPP

Today is the fifth death anniversary of Perween Rahman. She was the director of the Orangi Pilot Project, an NGO based in Karachi.

The Orangi Pilot Project provided technical guidance to low-income communities in Orangi for laying down sewage lines in their lanes. Perween was instrumental in the development of this unique model of sanitation. Her work was based on extensive mapping of the lanes of Orangi, which soon spread to the entire city.

She was shot dead on March 13, 2013 on her way home from office. Gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on her car on Manghopir Road near Banaras. She was rushed to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where she died.

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She was documenting the population in Karachi’s goths, which are not administered by any government body. However, the land mafia was threatened by it as it would’ve given property rights to the people. Perween mapped the more than 2,000 urban villages in Karachi.

She also led the team that developed a concept for a sewage disposal plan for Karachi, which was accepted by the local city government. Perween was a champion for the youth and women of Orangi, and a role model for many. Her murder was mourned across the country

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