Rann Mureed – Multan’s new restaurant has people talking

There’s a new restaurant in Multan and it has a unique name.

Two youngsters from Multan, Arushia and Naeem, have opened the eatery and they’re calling it ‘Rann Mureed’ which literally translates into uxorious – having or showing a great fondness for one’s wife.

Arushia says the inspiration for the restaurant’s name comes from her father. She saw the loving relationship between her parents and decided to open a restaurant to represent that kind of affection. “The reason for the name is my dad. He has supported my mother a lot,” said Arushia.

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It is a small, but cosy space with a traditional set up. The menu is desi and if you get bored, you can play ludo. Many young men can be seen enjoying a plate of daal chawal at Rann Mureed. Women across the city are also happy to see the opening of the restaurant.

“Rann Mureedi isn’t a bad thing,” says a customer. He says it means to work with your wife and support her. “It is an expression of love,” he said.

Another man visiting the restaurant says the eatery offers a varied choice of foods and that’s why he likes it. Its menu is different from the usual restaurants in Multan, he said.

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