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PM Imran Khan wants provinces to give 3% of their NFC award to tribal districts

March 15 , 2019

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Prime Minister Imran Khan wants all four provinces to give three percent share of the National Financial Commission award to tribal districts.

NFC refers to the distribution of financial resources among the provinces of Pakistan by the federal government every year.

“I can assure you that Punjab and KP will pay their due share because PTI is in power there,” he said while addressing a rally in District Bajaur on Friday.

As for Balochistan and Sindh, I want to tell them that they should give the said amount because of the sacrifices made by the people in the tribal districts, he said. “As Muslims, we have the right to help out people. We have to help them. Otherwise, our enemies will target them.”

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If we have to do another operation, then I assure you that we will have to spend a lot more on it, he added.

The tribal areas were destroyed in the war against terrorism. Businesses of many people were destroyed. People lost their cattle and land. The difficult times are over now, the premier said.

Relations with India

India is heading to the elections. One of its political party, unfortunately, wants to win elections by spreading hate, he said. Pakistan wants peace with everyone. We want peace with all our neighbours. We want to move forward, PM Khan added.

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“We want investment here. We don’t want war. This shouldn’t be considered as our weakness. The nation wants peace. We have been telling India that we should engage in trade and not war.”

‘There will be no deal with money launderers’

PM Imran Khan once again said that no deal will be made with money launderers.

“[Former PM] Pervez Musharraf gave the NRO to Nawaz Sharif. Pakistan paid a heavy price for giving two NROs,” he remarked.

Two parties have taken the country’s deficit to Rs300 billion under their partnership. They call it ‘charter of democracy’, we call it ‘charter of corruption’, he said. PTI’s in-swing Yorker broke the partnership, Imran Khan added.

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Our political opponents say that democracy is in danger. “It is not in danger, the big dacoits are,” he said.

Health card for tribal districts

The people in merged tribal districts will get health cards too. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Imran Khan during a meeting with area representatives in Mohmand Agency’s Gulnai.

Health card is a blessing for the poor, he remarked. One card with a value of Rs720,000 will be given to one family. The card can be used at all hospitals, he said.

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  1. Avatar
    Ali   March 16, 2019 7:47 am/ Reply

    Yes Baluchistan- the most backward and underdeveloped province- with the lowest literacy rate and lowest social indicators, including high child mortality, and a starving population forced to drink contaminated water- should sacrifice 3%of their budget so that the Punjab fatcats can give themselves a big fat salary raise and perks to boot! Long live Imran!!

  2. Avatar
    HFA   March 16, 2019 9:24 pm/ Reply

    But the balichi mpa earns nearly Rs400,000/salary. 3 times.more then punjab Highest in the four provinces..At the moment Punjab mpa gets the lowest . It’s the life long perks which are objectionable

  3. Avatar
    Sameer   March 16, 2019 9:34 pm/ Reply

    From Sindh. I agree. Provinces should give 3% of their NFC award. Every one knows NFC money goes in to corrupt pockets and isnt used anywhere in Sindh or Balochistan. Lets see if things can change for KPK and Punjab.

  4. Avatar
    Rana   March 17, 2019 12:58 am/ Reply

    Pti all members no very well but imran good man

  5. Avatar
    Ali   March 17, 2019 7:00 pm/ Reply

    Like IK is awarding due share of NFC to the provinces . He is selective by those who never believe in provincial autonomy.. It is his time he can do every thing.

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