NZ terror attack victims: Funeral prayers in absentia offered for Sohail Shahid in Lahore

People pay their respects in front of floral tributes for victims of the March 15 mosque attacks, in Christchurch on March 16, 2019. Photo: AFP

A funeral prayer in absentia was offered on Tuesday in Lahore for Sohail Shahid, one of the nine Pakistanis who lost their lives in the terror attack on two mosques in New Zealand last week.

Friends, family and others attended the funeral prayers held at Shalimar Garden. Shahid’s family said he will be buried in New Zealand. His mother and brother will fly out to attend his funeral.

Shahid had a Masters degree in chemical engineering from the Punjab University. He was working in New Zealand.

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A day earlier, it was confirmed that out of the nine Pakistanis martyred in the Christchurch attacks, the bodies of four will be brought to Pakistan on March 22 after Friday prayers. The remaining five martyrs will be buried in New Zealand on Friday after collective prayers are offered for all the victims of the terror attack.

“The government of New Zealand has allotted a separate place for the burial of the Christchurch attack martyrs,” said Pakistan Association of New Zealand General Secretary Asim Mukhtar.

“Collective prayers will be offered for the martyrs on March 22 after Friday prayers. Some deceased will then be buried in New Zealand while the bodies of the rest will be sent for burial to their respective countries,” said Mukhtar.

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