Fayaz Chohan expresses his love for PM Imran Khan and Pakistan in his first Tweet after his ouster

Despite being ousted from his post as Punjab information minister, Fayazul Hassan Chohan says he will stand by Prime Minister Imran Khan in any situation.

In his first Twitter post since being removed, Chohan said considering the ongoing situation, I salute those who express solidarity with me. I love three things the most: Pakistan, Pakistan and Pakistan, he said, adding that he will support PM Khan in times of peace and war.

Chohan was asked to step down a day after controversial remarks he made about the Hindu community brought him into the spotlight. He referred to the Hindu community as “cow urine-drinking people” during a press conference.

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Many people criticised Chohan for his insensitivity towards the Hindu community. PM Khan termed Chohan’s remarks “inappropriate”. We will not tolerate remarks against any minority community, he added.

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