We don’t need your tomatoes, Punjab agriculture minister tells India

Pakistan doesn’t need India’s tomatoes, said Agriculture Minister Nauman Langrial on Wednesday.

“We don’t need vegetables from India, and the ban on tomatoes won’t affect Pakistan in any way,” he said. “Pakistan is producing its own tomatoes in Balochistan, Sindh, and Punjab,” Langrial said.

Farmers in India threatened on Monday to ban the export of tomatoes to Pakistan in reaction to the Pulwama attack.

We won’t send tomatoes to Pakistan, an Indian farmer said. “Now Pakistan will crave red tomatoes but we don’t want Pakistanis to eat our tomatoes and give birth to enemies.”

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Cooking experts suggest using tamarind, yogurt or prunes as alternatives for tomatoes in dishes. On February 14, more than 40 members of the Indian security forces were killed in a suicide attack in the Pulwama district of Indian-Administered Kashmir.

“Stop blaming Pakistan without any proof or evidence,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday in response to the attack. He asked the government of India to present “actionable intelligence”.

“If you launch any kind of attack against Pakistan, Pakistan will not just think about retaliation, Pakistan will retaliate,” he also said.

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