Supreme Court wraps up memogate case, says state can investigate Hussain Haqqani if it wants

Photo: AFP/file

The Supreme Court wrapped up the memogate case on Thursday and said that the state is free to investigate former ambassador Hussain Haqqani if it wants. 

“The state is free to arrest Hussain Haqqani or investigate him,” said Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa while hearing the case on Thursday.

Justice Khosa said that case has been going on since the last eight years. The petitioners have not submitted any documents. “I am getting amazed while reading the case file,” he said. The real issue was regarding the memo and the petitions have been filed in a haste, he added. “Is the state still threatened by memo?”

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The additional attorney general said that he doesn’t think the state is in any danger.

“A memo cannot shake the foundation of a state. It is not so fragile,” said the chief justice.

The memogate scandal was taken to the apex court by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz head and the then opposition leader Nawaz Sharif which led to Hussain Haqqani’s resignation.