PM Khan launches Sehat Insaf health scheme for the people in tribal districts

The government is committed to improving the lives of the people in tribal areas, said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He launched the Sehat Insaf Cards scheme for tribal people during a ceremony in Peshawar on Friday.

“The people in tribal areas suffered a lot in the fight against terrorism,” he said. We have decided to uplift tribal areas, the premier remarked.

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“Health card is insurance for the poor.” Some families struggle to earn money for food and for them health complications gives rise to more problems. The scheme will allow one household to get medical treatment from private or government hospitals up to Rs720,000.

“We have made a plan on how to help people from tribal areas,” he remarked. We will see development in tribal areas soon, he said.

On the visit of the Saudi crown prince, he remarked that it is a “big move for investment.” We hope to generate more employment opportunities, he said.