Man dies of heart attack inside a police van in Karachi

Photo: AFP

A man died after suffering a heart attack moments after the police arrested him and his son on Saturday night.

The deceased has been identified 96-year-old Abdul Kareem alias Babu Jan. He was the general secretary of a labour union, Gadani Shipyard Association.

The police said a case was registered against the father and the son at the Iqbal Market police station over a murder attempt.

The father and the son were arrested in SITE’s Metroville and were being taken a police station in a van.

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“My father’s condition deteriorated inside the police van,” Aminul Haq, the deceased’s son, told SAMAA TV. The police officers pushed him out of the van, he remarked. “Our neighbours gathered around the van to stop them but they managed to drive away,” he added.

Amin said that he doesn’t know who lodged a report against them.

SAMAA TV obtained the CCTV footage of the arrest. It shows the police arrested the two and taking them to the van.