Karachi man digs a hole in his veranda on faith healer’s advice to find ‘hidden treasure’

A man in Karachi dug a hole in his veranda after a faith healer told him he’d find a 400-year-old treasure hidden inside his home.

Zia, who is in jail, had a dream one night and told his brother-in-law Tariq to contact a faith healer to interpret the dream.

Tariq met a faith healer, identified as Safia, who told him that there is treasure hidden inside his home located in Karachi’s Shanti Nagar. They even discussed the distribution of the treasure on the basis of what Safia had said. Tariq and Zia decided to distribute the treasure in three parts.

Residents of the area, however, contacted the police and told them that Tariq may be up to something suspicious at his home. Police acted on the information and arrested 11 people, including the faith healer.

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Police said they have been digging the veranda of the house for the last few days. The faith healer told the police that the owner of the house found three pots while digging.

The police are further investigating whether it was a search for treasure or they were planning some kind of criminal activity.

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