Fake witnesses can be imprisoned for life under Pakistani law: top judge  

Fake witnesses can be imprisoned for life under the Pakistani law, said the country’s top judge. 

Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa was hearing a case of a fake testimony in the murder case of ASI Mazhar Hussain. The police officer was killed in Faisalabad.

Police razakar Muhammad Arshad appeared in the Supreme Court on Wednesday. He said that he was shot in the arm and he scratched out the pellet. “I will be punished in the Hereafter if I have lied in court,” he said.

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The chief justice said that the witness should refrain from speaking so much.

“Your medical report says that you were neither hit by a pellet or bullet,” Justice Khosa told him. You said that you felt the pellet on your leg too. “Were you wearing iron pants?” A person was sentenced to death because you lied to the court. The law says that people who give fake testimonies should be imprisoned for life.

The court rejected his explanation and sent his case to ATC.

In Pakistan, people who give false testimonies or tamper with evidence are liable to seven years behind bars. The punishment can even extend to life imprisonment.