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To bring Pakistan out of poverty, we need to allow people to make money: PM Khan to Turkish investors

January 4, 2019
He said his government is making it easier for people to invest in Pakistan

It’s no secret that Prime Minister Imran Khan wants investors to come to Pakistan. To further his goal, he is meeting with investors during his two-day trip to Turkey.

At a meeting in Ankara, PM Khan, Flanked by Finance Minister Asad Umar and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, said his government believes wealth creation is what’s going to take Pakistan out of its economic crisis, help pay its debts and raise people out of poverty.

Once again referring to China’s model, something he has praised numerous times before, he said China has a series of successful programmes it implemented to take its people out of poverty.

We realise that to raise people out of poverty, we have to allow people to make money, he said. That will then allow the government to raise taxes and use that money on the bottom tier of society.

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“We as a government are making every effort to remove the impediments in the way of investors and businesses,” he told the meeting’s participants. He said the process has started and the only thing they want to remove is corruption.

He said corruption makes it difficult for small and medium industries to flourish and for investors as well. Countries don’t achieve their potential because of corruption, he said.

PM Khan told the investors he looked forward to the paper they would hand him identifying Pakistan’s problems. We’ve discussed the various issues Turkish investors faced in Pakistan, he said, counting erratic policy making, unpredictable policies and decisions changed midway as the main issues.

No investors like this, he said. We realise this is what has been happening but assure you that we are now a completely different government who are looking to promote investment, he said.

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