Supreme Court warns parents of action if they pay excess school fees

The Supreme Court issued on Thursday its written order in the school fees case in which it said that over 5,000 private schools in the country will have to reduce their fees by 20%. It also cautioned parents of action against them if they pay the excess fees.

Schools sending letters to parents in this regard will be issued notices.

The court said that schools charging less than Rs5,000 a month are not subject to this order.

It has also stopped schools from cutting the salaries of teachers. The impact of this order will not fall on students’ scholarships or facilities provided to them, ordered the Supreme Court.

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The FIA has also been ordered to return the records of the schools that it took into custody after making copies.

Schools that send letters humiliating letters to parents will be issued contempt of court notices, warned the court. It observed that several schools had written letters to parents against the court order that had humiliated them.

The court has ordered the parents to pay the reduced fees and pay them on time. It also warned them of action if they paid the excess fees.