Motivational speaker’s eccentric speech at NED convocation goes viral 

The NED convocation was a grand affair. However, the eccentric speech of a motivational speaker from the US stole the show.

Ashraf Habibullah, who is an alumnus of NED University, took the stage and decided to brighten the mood by wearing a red jacket with white lights. He cracked jokes throughout the speech that left the parents, students, Governor Imran Ismail and Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah in splits.

Habibullah currently lives in the US and is the president/CEO of Computers & Structures Inc. He is a successful international motivational speaker too.

The 72-year-old’s antics left many people amused, however, some people criticised his ‘lack of professionalism’. He remarked that his speech was meant to bring smiles on the faces of the fresh graduates. He clarified that he wasn’t using anything to alter his mood, rather as a motivation coach he tries to engage the audiences to get a response from them.