Karachiites can now register police complaints using a ‘glitchy’ app

Karachi residents no longer need to leave the comfort of their house to file a police complaint as Sindh Police have launched an app for that.

Karachi Police Chief Ameer Shaikh launched the app ‘Police 4 U’ on Monday. Speaking on the occasion, he said that the citizens will now be able to register complaints with the help of the app.

Shaikh expressed hope that the app would help change ‘thana culture’ and help improve the performance of the police.

He also announced that another application will soon be launched that will allow people to lodge complaints against police officials.

The app will facilitate people in obtaining character certificate and tenant registration, according to its description on Play Store.

The app will also have an option to contact the victim support service.

While the move is laudable, a simple glance at the comments on the app’s page reveals that people are facing problems using the app.

When you download the app, it would ask for your user name, password, CNIC number and address. After that, the user is supposed to receive a 4-digit verification code. However, even after multiple attempts, we did not receive any SMS hours after sending the request.

We are not the only ones, as some users commented on the app’s page that they also did not receive the verification PIN.