Islamabad police arrest online taxi service driver who looted passengers

The Islamabad police have arrested the online taxi service driver involved in looting passengers.

The driver was arrested on Wednesday and the police found a laptop, bag and other items belonging to passengers in his possession.

The Islamabad deputy commissioner had warned ride-hailing service Careem of action after a complaint was filed by a man who got looted by the service’s driver on January 7.

The driver looted the passenger, Fida Haider a resident of Karachi, in Islamabad. After completing the ride he stopped at the Faizabad bus station to get change for a Rs1,000 note, and the driver drove away with his bag. The bag had valuable items inside, including a laptop and cash.

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According to the police, the suspect had already looted around Rs0.15 million from another passenger earlier. The police said that the family of the accused has disowned him already.

Haider filed a complaint against the driver at the I-9 police station. The police had told Careem to submit the driver’s details to them. The officials say that the company did not do due diligence and registered the suspect using false details.