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FBR traces 50,000 foreign bank accounts owned by Pakistanis

January 16 , 2019

The Federal Board of Revenue is all set to launch a crackdown against tax defaulters.

Sources in the FBR confirmed Wednesday night that 50,000 foreign bank accounts have been traced that are being held by Pakistanis.

The source added that information regarding the identity of Pakistanis owning property abroad will be taken from NADRA.

The accounts traced so far are being operated in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and other countries.

Most of the bank accounts are held by the people of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, the FBR source said, adding that 867 properties of Pakistani nationals in Dubai worth Rs38 billion were also traced.

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The FBR had introduced the tax amnesty scheme to widen the tax net. As part of the scheme, Pakistanis could declare assets abroad without any repercussions.


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