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Aleema Khan didn’t declare her assets as part of the amnesty scheme, SC told

January 14, 2019

The Supreme Court has summoned a progress report in one month in the foreign assets case after being informed that Aleema Khan, the premier’s sister, didn’t declare her assets as part of the amnesty scheme.

During a hearing in Islamabad on Monday, the FBR member informed the court that the FIA gave the data of 850 people with foreign assets to it. There were 116 people who availed the amnesty scheme, he informed the court.

During the hearing, the FBR member, FIA director general and chairperson of the FBR were present and briefed the court on progress in the case.

Some people could not be traced because they did not have ID cards, said the FBR members, adding that 125 people did not appear in front of the committee. Chief Justice Saqib Nisar said that those who did not appear before the committee should have their assets seized.

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The FBR member informed the court that assets worth over Rs38 billion were declared as part of the amnesty scheme and no cases can be made against those people due to that. However, Aleema Khan did not avail the amnesty scheme, therefore liabilities could be fixed against her.

The chief justice said that the amnesty scheme is long over but recoveries have only been made from 27 people.

Aleema Khan informed the court that her assets and business were separate. She said she came by her assets honestly and that lies were being spread about her.

I have run a textile business for 20 years, she informed the court, adding that the orders for the business reach Rs2 billion a year. She also said she obtained a bank loan to purchase her property in Dubai and the rest of the money was sent through legal banking means.

She also said that her property in New Jersey was worth Rs104.5 million.


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