12-year-old barber shoots sixth grader in Faisalabad for ‘rejecting his friendship’

A 12-year-old barber shot a sixth grader outside a private school on Thursday in the Thikriwala neighbourhood in Faisalabad after his repeated requests for friendship were turned down.

According to the victim’s father, M* wanted to be friends with his son but they cautioned him against the friendship because of M’s bad reputation. M repeatedly threatened to kill the sixth grader, F*, if he rejected him.

According to the security guard at the school, M tried to shoot himself after shooting F but his bullet got stuck in the chamber of the gun.

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F was shifted to the Allied Hospital after being shot two times. M fled from the scene and is currently on the run. The police are searching for him.

The police have not filed an FIR yet since the investigation is in its initial stage. They also say they cannot comment on the motive behind the attack yet.

*Names have been withheld to protect the identity of the minor children involved in the case.