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Supreme Court summons report on Aleema Khanum’s foreign assets

December 6 , 2018

The Supreme Court summoned on Thursday a report on the progress in the investigation into Aleema Khanum’s foreign assets. Khanum is Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sister.

During the hearing of a suo motu notice on Pakistanis with foreign accounts, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar asked what action had been taken on the order to investigate 20 people’s assets.

The FBR’s member on the committee formed to investigate the cases informed the court that they have decided to initiate further inquiries against 14 people. Confirming their assets is the field officer’s job, he said.

The chief justice observed that it seems as if the institution is purposely delaying the matter. You are wasting one month’s of court investigation and the FIA’s hard work, he said.

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When the top judge asked about the investigation against Khanum, the FBR member said they have given the case to its Lahore office.

Justice Nisar said that the court ordered that the investigation should be done in Islamabad, not Lahore. It seems like the FBR is involved in this too, he remarked. He lamented that delaying tactics were being employed and asked whether the FBR was trying to save those people who had taken money abroad.

The court issued show cause notices to the FBR chairperson and the FBR member and took back its notice on the transfer of member Habibullah.

The judges also summoned a report on the progress in Khanum’s case and adjourned the hearing till December 13.


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