Residents of Punjab eagerly await rain as M-2 Motorway closed due to fog

Photo: AFP

The M-2 Motorway from Lahore to Kot Momin was closed Monday morning due to the intensity of the fog.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department says rain is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday will reduce the intensity of the fog. It says the dry weather is likely to be reduced.

The temperature in Lahore has dropped to five degrees centigrade.

The Met department had earlier forecasted rain in Quetta, Zhob, Kohat, Malakand, Hazara division, Peshawar, Lahore, Rawalpindi division and Islamabad.

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It had said that it would snow in Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir and other mountainous regions.

However, it says the rain will not reduce the cold. It will remain cold in the country for a while longer. The fog will also remain but the rain will reduce its intensity.

Due to the fog, sections of the Motorway have frequently been closed. Several fog-related accidents have also been reported. The police are asking motorists to think twice before heading out onto the Motorway, especially if their journeys aren’t necessary.

The police also wants people to use fog lights and call their helpline if they encounter any issues.