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Nawaz Sharif’s guards attack SAMAA TV cameraman in Islamabad

December 17, 2018
Wajid Ali was pushed and kicked for after his camera hit Nawaz's bodyguard  

A SAMAA TV cameraman was left unconscious after being attacked by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s bodyguards outside parliament on Monday.

Wajid Ali is currently being treated at a hospital and his condition has improved a little. He is expected to be hospitalised for two to three days more. The doctors say that they can't tell the extent of the damage caused by the head injury till they get his CT scan report.

On Monday, the SAMAA TV Islamabad assignment desk deputed two cameramen, Wajid Ali Shah and Usman Cheema, to cover both Senate and National Assembly sessions. The National Assembly went into session, but the Senate session was adjourned because of the death of a senator. The cameramen were at parliament to get SOTs for POO (point of order). When Nawaz Sharif was leaving, Ali was making his video. His camera hit the shoulder of his chief security officer by mistake.

The enraged security officer ordered his subordinates to “get that boy and teach him a lesson”. The security guards pushed Wajid Ali on the ground and one kicked his skull. The cameraman fell unconscious with blood dripping from his nose and mouth. The disqualified prime minister didn’t notice it and left in his vehicle without his security protocol.

The security guard, identified as Mansab Ali, has been arrested and an FIR has been registered against him at Secretariat police station.

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The journalists protested the barbaric attack by the security guards. "The guards belonged to a private company and they hit him mercilessly," said one of the protesters.

PML-N to take action

"I am with the cameraman in the hospital and he is going undergoing tests," said PML-N leader Marriyum Aurangzeb said. "We will take action against the guard."

She remarked that Nawaz had left parliament when the attacked occurred, adding that he found out about it later. "Nawaz himself called me and informed me about it." She said that strict action will be taken against the guard.

'Private guards shouldn't be allowed to enter parliament'

Asad Qaiser, the National Assembly speaker, took notice of the assault and instructed the authorities to register a case against the guard.

The speaker told the authorities to not to allow guards of the politicians in parliament.



  1. Avatar
    AB   December 18, 2018 3:19 am/ Reply

    This should be front-page news. You need to propagate how mercilessly the reporter was hurt. There is no reason for private security to treat a media-person in this way – specially the security persons of a former convicted felon and thief.

  2. Avatar
    AB   December 18, 2018 6:17 am/ Reply

    This is mafia type of activity and these people want power back as if the right to rule is their exclusive right and nobody else can govern, shame on them. The guard should be arrested and severely punished for attacking a cameraman who was merely performing his duties.A guy is heard yelling at NS to tell him what has happened but he drives away. and with this attitude he wants power again.

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