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Multan police arrest two robbers who entered Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture

December 6 , 2018

No students or staff were hurt in the incident

Two men were arrested on Thursday after entering a university in Multan in their bid to escape after robbing people.

Two robbers were fleeing a group of residents after looting people and entered the Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture's research centre.

Though the robbers had fired before entering the university, they did not open fire within the compound, possibly because their ammunition had finished or because the research centre is not crowded and there were only guards there.

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The police, Counter-Terrorism Department, Dolphin Force and Elite Force were summoned to the scene. After a 20-minute operation, they were arrested and their weapons seized. The university’s guards also aided in the robbers’ capture. No students or staff were injured in the incident.

The police have begun an investigation.

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