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Gang of Chinese consulate attackers arrested, says Sindh IG

December 7 , 2018

Investigators look at the belongings of attackers including grenades outside the Chinese consulate after an attack in Karachi. AFP

The CTD with the help of the intelligence agencies have arrested the gang of Chinese consulate attackers, the Sindh IG said Friday.

“The CTD and intelligence agencies have done a great job,” the Sindh IG said. “The entire gang has been arrested.”

The top Sindh cop said that his force has foiled the terrorists’ plot to attack guests.

“Our sepoys rendered sacrifices and proved that the Sindh police will take every step to protect our guests,” he added.

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On November 23, three militants of the outlawed Balochistan Liberation Army attacked the Chinese consulate in Karachi. Seven people, including three attackers and two policemen, were killed.

The CTD presented a report in an anti-terrorism court, saying it has identified the facilitators of the Chinese Consulate attackers.

We are taking steps to arrest the facilitators, the report said.

A team of Chinese investigators also visited the office of the CTD on Friday and they were briefed on the investigation.


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