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What’s so strange about my sons working abroad, Nawaz asks accountability court judge

November 19 , 2018

While recording his statement at an accountability court in Islamabad during the Al Azizia hearing on Monday, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif told the judge that he didn’t know why a case had been brought against him.

Even the petitioner doesn’t know why, he said.

People across the world send their sons to go study abroad, said Nawaz. “What’s so strange about my sons working abroad?” he asked. There’s an issue if they do business here and an issue if they work abroad, he continued.

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However, the NAB prosecutor took issue with his statements and said the case isn’t on his sons doing business abroad. Our case is on how they began their businesses, he clarified.

“We were thrown out of the country, should we have gone abroad and begged?” countered Nawaz. We didn’t go abroad by choice, he added.

Nawaz failed to submit answers to the last four questions asked of him by the JIT investigating the case. He asked the court for more time to submit his answers as his main counsel, Khawaja Haris, was not in Islamabad. He said he needed to consult with his lawyer before submitting his replies. He has asked for one-day to answer the question about whether he wants to submit extra documents and evidence in the case.

The Supreme Court has extended the deadline for Al-Azizia Stell Mills by three more weeks. The request was submitted by Accountability Judge Muhammad Arshad.


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