Two women arrested at the Islamabad airport for smuggling heroin

November 10, 2018

Two women travelling to Madina were caught smuggling heroin at the Islamabad airport. The Taxila police also arrested three narcotic dealers.

The Anti-Narcotics Force at the Islamabad Airport caught two women trying to smuggle narcotics to Madina, Saudi Arabia. The women, identified as Shamim Bibi and Asma Riasat, each swallowed 40 capsules loaded with heroin.

The women were travelling on a private airline and going for Umrah.

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The ANF arrested them both. On the other hand, the Taxila police is cracking down against narcotic dealers. They seized 1,000 litres of alcohol and arrested two bootleggers.

In a separate raid, the police arrested Bilal Amin and seized 1.5kg of charas.


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