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The Quetta police want all motorcyclists to start wearing helmets

November 11, 2018
From Monday, riding a motorcycle without a helmet could land you a heavy fine

The Quetta police will be cracking down on people at risk of cracking their skulls – motorcyclists who don’t wear helmets.

From Monday, the police department will be conducting a campaign to spread awareness about road safety.

Officers on duty will be telling motorists to wear helmets to prevent traffic accidents. People who don’t wear helmets will have their motorcycles impounded and be subject to a heavy fine.

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The police say that now all motorcyclists will have to wear helmets, even government servants.

Traffic Sargent Rana Amjad said that no matter who the motorcyclist is, they won’t be allowed to drive without wearing a helmet.

The move was met with approval from residents of Quetta, some of whom said passengers should also be made to wear helmets.


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