Haven’t received orders to release Aasia Bibi: Punjab prisons minister

November 7, 2018

Photo: AFP

Punjab Prisons Minister Zawar Hussain Warraich has said that his department has not received orders to release Aasia Bibi from the jail.

“Aasia Bibi is in jail and has not been released yet,” Warraich remarked. “Supreme Court should issue a directive to send us her release orders. We will release her as soon as we get it.”

She is well protected by the jail staff, the minister said.

“Normally we receive orders in two days after court judgment and if relatives and lawyers of a prisoner are very active, they can bring it even within a day, but as far as Asia Bibi is concerned, it has not happened yet,” Warraich said.

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On October 31, the Supreme Court had cleared Bibi of blasphemy charges and ordered her immediate release.

The religious groups took to the streets soon after the top court announced its verdict. The sit-ins across the country ended on November 2 after the government agreed to initiate legal proceedings to place Bibi’s name on the ECL.


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