Farooq Sattar expelled from MQM-P for violating ‘party discipline’

November 9, 2018

The MQM-P expelled its senior leader Dr Farooq Sattar from the party for violating party discipline.

MQM-P Rabita Committee, the party’s decision making council, suspended Dr Sattar’s basic membership and told workers to stay away from him.

The leaders at the party’s Bahadurabad office accused him of dividing the party.

Dr Farooq Sattar has rejected the decision of the Rabita Committee and said that it was an “unconstitutional” and “illegal” one.

“The Rabita Committee didn’t even have the courage to publicly announce its decision,” Dr Sattar said in a press conference at his PIB colony residence.

They should have convened a workers meeting to announce the decision, Sattar said, adding that the workers need to be told the reasons behind the “illegal” decision.


Dr Sattar has been at loggerheads with the party’s senior leaders since February this year.

The differences emerged over the distribution of Senate tickets, but Dr Sattar managed to reunite with the Bahadurabad office a few weeks before the General Election.

However, after the party’s abysmal performance in the elections, Dr Sattar developed further differences with the party and formed a 22-member committee to rescue his party from a “crisis”.

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MQM-P had won only six National Assembly seats in the elections.

Sattar claimed at the time that the party leaders violated rules and regulations while distributing tickets for the general elections.

Tickets were given to the well-off families, he said in a press conference on October 26, adding that a few people with no abilities had occupied the party.



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