Ayyan Ali’s lawyers challenge her non-bailable arrest warrant

November 10, 2018

Photo: AFP

The lawyers for model Ayyan Ali challenged on Saturday her non-bailable arrest warrant in a currency smuggling case at a Customs court in Rawalpindi.

According to Ali’s lawyers, the arrest warrant was issued despite them submitting a medical certificate and sick leave application at a previous hearing. They also requested the court to exempt her from appearing for the hearing due to her medical condition.

The lawyers, Iftikhar Bajwa and Sarfaraz Metlo, who have replaced Latif Khosa for the case, assured the court that Ali would appear before the court by December 8.

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They told the court that their client’s health was improving, therefore she would return to Pakistan soon. The court accepted the request, issuing a notice to the Customs officials and exempting her from appearing in court.

The non-bailable arrest warrant against Ali was issued on October 22 after she did not appear in court despite orders. Her lawyer submitted a medical application and requested that she be exempted from appearing because she was sick.

The court, however, rejected the plea and issued a non-bailable warrant for the model’s arrest. The hearing was adjourned till November 10.

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Prior to this, two bailable arrest warrants and a non-bailable warrant were issued for the model on October 6. She was arrested at the old Islamabad airport in March 2015 on charges of trying to smuggle $506,800 to the United Arab Emirates.

She was indicted by the Customs court in November 2015 for attempting to smuggle the money. However, she pleaded not guilty.

The model announced on October 16 through a tweet that she would return to Pakistan soon.


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