Attention parents! Your children could be at risk of contracting pneumonia

A study by Johns Hopkins University says 0.7m Pakistani children will be infected by 2030

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According to a study by Johns Hopkin’s University, around 0.7 million Pakistani children are likely to be infected with pneumonia by 2030.

The main reason for this is substandard food and malnutrition. The study said that if necessary steps are not taken, Pakistan will have the third largest number of children affected by pneumonia.

The disease can be prevented by administering vaccines, ensuring proper food supply and taking precautions to avoid colds.

Dr Iqbal Memon, a child specialist, told SAMAA TV that the immune systems of children and those above 65 years old is weak. He said that children are more prone to pneumonia because of this. When they grow older, however, they can fight the bacteria and diseases, he added.

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He said that victims can die within three days after suffering from pneumonia. But normally, what people do is give medicines for fevers or antibiotics or home remedies to cure it.

Parents should take their children to the hospital immediately if they vomit continuously or are no longer able to retain liquids, including water and milk, he cautioned.

He identified drowsiness, fits and chest pain as symptoms of pneumonia as well.

Dr Memon added that although the disease persists throughout the year, people are most likely to be affected in the winter. For Karachi, October to April is the season when people get pneumonia, so people should be careful.

He also said an increase in humidity levels due to smoke from kitchens, cigarettes and traffic pollution is likely to give rise to pneumonia.