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Aasia Bibi’s husband criticizes PTI govt over deal with protesters

November 3, 2018

AFP Photo

Ashiq, Aasia Bibi’s husband, has criticised a government deal with protesters that left her in legal limbo and he urged the authorities to protect her.

Asia Bibi, on death row since 2010 on blasphemy charges, was acquitted by the Supreme Court Wednesday and ordered set free, triggering protests by religious parties.

The government reached a deal with the protesters Friday night to end the protests by agreeing to a travel ban preventing her from leaving the country, saying it would not object to an appeal against the verdict.

An appeal has been filed with the court.

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“It is wrong to set a precedent in which you pile pressure onto the judiciary,” He told German Deutsche Welle radio.

He said the government should never have yielded to pressure from protesters.

He said the court had been “very courageous” to acquit his wife.

Citing religious reasons, two Muslim women at the time refused to share a glass of water with her and a fight erupted.

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Several days later, the pair reported the incident to a local imam, who said Aasia Bibi insulted the Holy Prophet (PBUH), a charge she denies.

“The current situation is very dangerous for us. We have no security and are hiding here and there, frequently changing our location,” he said.

Her lawyer fled Pakistan on Saturday, fearing for his life.

Aasia’s husband demanded the government reinforce Aasia Bibi’s protection in prison, worrying that she may be attacked. He cited the case of two Christian men who were shot dead after a court acquitted them in another blasphemy case.

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“The situation is dangerous for Aasia. I feel that her life is not secure,” he said. “So I appeal to government to enhance Aasia’s security in jail.”

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