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Peshawar High Court grants bail to man found with dismembered body in a shopping bag

October 11 , 2018

The Peshawar High Court granted a man suspected of murdering and dismembering a transgender person bail on Thursday.

Nazo was shot dead on August 17 by two suspects near Peshawar’s Bara Gate.

The police say that the suspects then chopped up her body and stuffed it into three shopping bags. They were travelling in a rickshaw on their way to dispose of the bags when the police stopped them.

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The man who was granted bail was the one who was found with the bag. He was going to bury her when he was caught, according to the police.

The murder weapon and other shopping bags were found after the suspect confessed. However, he told the police that his friend was the one who actually killed Nazo. He was just helping to dispose of the body.

In his bail petition, the suspect said that the confession was obtained extra judicially and that the police had no other evidence against him.


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