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Update: NADRA website back up after being ‘temporarily affected’ as Naya Pakistan housing forms go online

October 11 , 2018

The website of the NADRA is back up after being ‘temporarily affected’ upon receiving 10,000 hits per second for the prime minister’s ‘Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

At least 125,000 forms were downloaded, a NADRA spokesperson said, adding that the page received an overwhelming response from 300,000 users from 174 countries.

The spokesperson said that the site never crashed. It just slowed down because of the traffic, he remarked.

Prime Minister Imran Khan officially launched the low-cost housing scheme on October 10 (Read the full story here). Khan said that programme will not only provide affordable shelter, but also basic facilities.

The form available on the NADRA’s website has been designed to collect data about the applicant’s location of choice, price range, and the number of people who will live in the house.

An amount of Rs 250 will be deposited with every form.

Read a full breakdown of the numbers here: How to talk about Naya Housing Program at a dinner party

The forms can be submitted from October 22 to December 21, at the district offices of the housing programme in Sukkur, Quetta, Gilgit, Muzaffarabad, Swat, Islamabad, and Faisalabad.


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