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K-Electric line trips, plunging Karachi into darkness

October 4 , 2018

Another high tension power line has tripped so half of Karachi is once again without power.

There is no electricity in Defence, Korangi, Saddar, old city area, North Karachi, Nazimabad, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Gulshan Iqbal, Baldia, Keamari, North Nazimabad, Surjani Town and Shadman Town.

This is the fourth big breakdown to occur recently, with another power outage hitting the city on Monday.

The line coming from the National Transmission and Dispatch Company, the main authority to transmit power, tripped.

K-Electric’s main circuits in Baldia and Pipri have also tripped, so its grid stations are off.  One of the grid stations supplying 650 megawatts of electricity is off, as is the 1800MW station.

Electric supply to Dhabeji, the city’s main water pumping station, was also suspended temporarily, causing a 72-inch pipeline to burst. Water supply to some areas of the city has been suspended.

K-Electric says it is working to resolve the issue. It usually takes them around three to four hours to fix issues like this but it can also take up to six hours.

According to the electricity provider, partial power supply from the national grid has been restored and some areas have power again. These are the airport, Dhabeji and Gharo pumping stations, Civil hospital, Jinnah hospital, the Sindh Assembly and Governor House.


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