We are sinking beneath the weight of our debts, says Prime Minister Imran Khan

September 14, 2018

We took loans and instead of creating wealth, they’ve sunk us in debt, Prime Minister Imran Khan told civil servants at a meeting on Friday in Islamabad.

The trap we’re stuck in a classic debt trap, he said, adding that the only way to free ourselves is by changing ourselves. Our politicians need to change, our bureaucracy needs to change and our people need to change, he said.

“We’re at a genuine crossroads and if we don’t change there’s disaster ahead,” said the premier.

There is no money to run the country and 70% of our country is under 30, every day more young people enter the job market but there are no jobs for them, he said.

Giving an example of the metro bus service, he said that the figures were presented before the cabinet recently and they show that we have taken loans and are paying interest but we’re running a loss. He told participants of the event that the government is paying Rs6 billion in interest every year.

“Nothing in the world is impossible. People told me playing cricket professionally was impossible, they said setting up a hospital was impossible, they said setting up Namal University was impossible and they said becoming prime minister was impossible,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan. “Nothing is impossible but we need to change ourselves.”

The premier spoke about Darwin’s theory survival and said it is not the fittest but the most adaptable who will survive. He spoke about the colonial mindset of the elite and said it must change.

If the nation and government are together there are no challenges that cannot be faced, he said.

He urged people to take ownership of the country and rid themselves of the colonial mindset.

These are our people, he said, adding that leaders are sitting there on the people’s tax money and votes and must accept that it is their responsibility to serve these people.


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