Sindh appoints first Christian Advocate General

September 15, 2018


The Sindh government has appointed Salman Talibuddin advocate general of the province.

Talibuddin, a prominent lawyer, is Christian.

He has been serving as additional attorney general of Pakistan since 2014.

Talibuddin has replaced Barrister Zamir Ahmed Ghumro, who was appointed in May 2016.

After serving for more than two years, Ghumro resigned in June this year, a month before the July 25 general elections.

Pakistan People’s Party leaders took to Twitter to praise the provincial government.

“Well done Sindh Govt for appointing the first Christian Advocate General in Pakistan’s history. Inclusion according to QA Jinnah’s vision is the only way forward for an open society,” said PPP leader Senator Sherry Rehman on Twitter.

“Salman Talibudin has been appointed as Advocate General Sindh. 1st Christian Advocate General in Pakistan’s history. Once again PPP has marked history,” said Mir Sohrab Khan Mari, ex-special assistant to chief minister Sindh.


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