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Residents of Karachi, grab your mobile phones because the police need your help

September 16 , 2018

Photo: Reuters

People take videos every day. Your cat does something adorable? Take a video. Your baby coos its first word? Take a video. You and your friend want to show off your slick dance moves? A video is the only thing that can do your routine justice. But what if you used those camera skills for good instead of likes on social media?

Some concerned citizens in Karachi did just that. They caught criminals on camera and sent in that footage to the police.

Nine criminals were arrested in five different cases of robberies in District East with the help of video footage received via social media or WhatsApp, according to the police.

The police now want citizens to help them catch some bad guys. In a post on Facebook, the Karachi police asked residents of the city to report incidents and share videos so they can nab some criminals.


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