Out with the old, in with the new: Parliament Lodges to get a Rs113m makeover

Everyone loves doing up their new homes, including parliamentarians, and who wouldn’t pass up a chance for a free home makeover? Well, it won’t be free exactly — you and I will be paying for it.

Prime Minister Imran Khan talks about austerity a lot. That’s why it’s surprising that the Parliament Lodges are being revamped at a cost of Rs113.5 million.

Tenders have been issued to replace the furniture, curtains and carpets at the Parliament Lodges.

According to the tenders, Rs30 million will be spent on new furniture and Rs4.5 million on polishing the old furniture.

The ceilings in the lodges are being upgraded for Rs3 million.

No new place is complete without new carpets and drapes. Rs5 million will be spent on getting new curtains for the new parliamentarians and Rs4 million on new carpets.

There will be Rs6 million spent on upgrading the kitches and a separate Rs2.5 million on new cooking ranges for all the residences.

The bathrooms will be upgraded for Rs9.5 million and Rs20 million will be spent on fixing up the parking area.

During a Senate meeting on September 5, NesPak Managing Director Dr Tahir Masood said that the condition of the lodges is poor and in need of urgent repair.

He said the ceilings are leaking, air conditioners in bad shape, furniture infested with termites and no planning for parking. He also said the lodges are inhabited by colonies of rats. He told the senators that there is a budget of Rs150 million to Rs200 million allocated for the upkeep of the lodges.

He estimated that the complete overhaul would take three years.