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Multan woman files case against her husband for marital rape

September 15 , 2018


A woman has filed a case in Multan against her husband of four months for marital rape.

The case has been filed under Section 377 of the Pakistan Penal Code, which involves the commission of “unnatural offences” of a carnal nature against any man, woman or animal.

If convicted, her husband will serve a minimum of two years and maximum of 10.

She filed the case at the women’s police station in Multan. In the FIR, the woman said her husband was “very greedy”.

He watches “dirty films” and then engages in indecent acts, she said in the report. She said he performs illicit acts that have caused her to choke on multiple occasions.

She explained that she had complained to her in-laws, as well as her mother and brother and they made him promise he would not do it again. However, on August 18 at 10:30pm he repeated his actions.

She said she registered a complaint with the local Violence Against Women Centre against her husband on August 24 and referred to him as “a wild beast”.


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