Five Congo virus cases have been reported in Karachi this week

Photo: Reuters

Another case of Congo virus has been reported in Karachi. This is the fifth case to be reported this week.

The patient is a 25-year-old resident of Mehmoodabad identified as Haider Ali. He has been admitted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre.

Three of the five reported cases have been admitted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre.

Nine people have died after being infected with Congo virus this year.

Congo virus is a disease spread by ticks. It causes haemorrhagic fevers and has a fatality rate of between 10% and 40%, according to the World Health Organisation.

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Signs that you have Congo virus are fever, muscle aches, dizziness, neck pain and stiffness, backaches, sore eyes and sensitivity to light. It is also possible to feel nausea, throw up, experience diarrhea, abdominal pain and a sore throat.

The virus is spread by ticks on animals. The ticks bite humans and the disease is then spread. It can be transmitted from person to person through contact with blood, saliva, urine or any other bodily fluids.