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Factories in Sindh without effluent treatment plants will be sealed: judicial commission

September 4 , 2018

Photo: Reuters

The Supreme Court-appointed judicial commission on water and sanitation ordered on Tuesday that factories in Sindh that do not install effluent filtration plants will be sealed.

The commission’s head, Justice (retd) Amir Hani Muslim, asked why the industries are not installing the plants to treat industrial waste.

The commission is investigating poor sanitation and water supply in Sindh.

You are making money from a place that is spewing poison, he said, adding that industries that do not have treatment plants need to have them installed soon.

Industries without the plants release untreated effluent into the sea and waterways, contaminating them.

“If I have to seal 10 factories to save lives I will do it,” warned Justice (retd) Muslim. He added that he will not be blackmailed by any industry.

On the other hand, he ordered that the issues being faced by factory owners should also be resolved during a meeting. KWSB and other institutions were told to attend the meeting to ensure that the issues are resolved.


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